So you're in charge of planning the team's offsite. We've got impactful and enjoyable team building activities already planned for you. The best part? Impactful discussions with guidance and data built into insights by our team.

First off email and ask for our Offsite planning. A member of our coaching team will be glad to help you plan based on your schedule.

Here's the short answer of what you should do:

  1. Quick intro (15 mins): Kickoff the session with a rousing speech, but more importantly lay out the objectives and the ground rules.

  2. Team Perspective (1.5 hrs): Build empathy and trust by discussing the mix of Perspectives and preferences on the team. Identify blindspots and friction points. Agree on new norms to take advantage of everyone's unique strengths. Learn how to get the most out of Perspective here

  3. Align Team Foundations (2 hrs): Diagnose what's holding the team back and problem solve together on how to improve. You'll debate meaty issues and come to understand why teammates see things differently. In the end you'll get on the same page and agree on tangible action items to address the biggest problems about how the team works.

  4. Team and Personal Commitments (30 mins): Carry forward the great insights from the day by embedding them in an accountability mechanism. Individuals and the team as a whole will make commitments and agree to get regular feedback on how well they are living them.

Please book a time with us for more help with planning!

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