Lots of meetings are terrible

The lowest scoring statements we see at Valence are often about meetings. You can use some meeting specific templates to turn this around.

Valence can help you figure out how to fix them

Start by asking us to give you access to our Effective Meetings Align template and our Team and Personal Habits for Meetings.

This exercise lets your team compare themselves against best practices for effective meetings. 

You can then agree on Team Norms for specific behaviors and actions you'll take in meetings to address the issues. Everyone will have a chance to hold one another accountable for following through on this.

You can also setup a phone based feedback survey that you'll run at the end of each meeting. Each participant will give anonymous input on how the meeting went and you'll discuss the results in the final 5-10 minutes of the meeting.

Finally Valence has a meetings expert on retainer that we can bring in to do a rapid 30-60 minute consultation with you or your team. Email coaching@valence.co if interested.

And you'll be the hero of your team

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