Principles of the platform

The Valence Change platform is based on three principles:

  1. Change is not about knowledge or skills, but about mindset & attitude.

  2. Change involves meaningful discussions and day-to-day habits.

  3. Change initiated at top but is ultimately local & dynamic.

What you need to know about the Valence Platform 

  1. Easy to use tools for busy staff

  2. Provides tangible and high value activities for change agents to promote the culture

  3. Gives leadership a full view of the change efforts

  4. Enables customization and evolution over time

  5. Offers sophisticated benchmarking

Who is the Platform For?

  1. Any manager in your company can run exercises and watch their team improve and live the new culture more and more over time. 

  2. A trainer or Change Agent can improve the impact of their training with before and after pulses, built in feedback gathering, tools to facilitate the conversation - and can watch how their trainees use the tools. 

  3. Check in on our dashboard to see all the insights about what’s working and what's not.

How to get started

You can: 

  1. Try an Align exercise with your team (not sure what Align is? Try a demo first)

  2. Invite a manager or two to set up their accounts

  3. Ask us to host a webinar with a group of managers or HR partners to walk them through the basics.

Other Questions?

Reach out to our Co-Founder, Levi, at

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