If you're supporting someone who's looking for personal development coaching after they've used our Reflect 360 tool, there are a couple steps to take.

Before the session

  1. Read this article on How to Read your Reflect 360 Report. It's geared towards walking people through their own report page, but it's very helpful for getting an idea of what you'll see as well.

  2. Ask the individual you're coaching to send you a copy of their report. They can do this by clicking the "Copy link to share report" button at the top of the "Reflect on results" page. This will let you pre-read the report before the session.

During the session

1) On the first tab (Digest results),

  • Look at the celebrate and improvement areas, paying attention to any qualitative feedback provided by respondents.

  • Ask: what is something you're proud of from the highlights? Is there anything that's surprising to you?

Tips for this section:

  1. Don't skip over the celebrate areas! Take a moment to appreciate what is going well.

  2. Look for areas where are the individual is different from their respondents. Why might these differences be there?

  3. Are there differences between the respondent sub-groups themselves? For example, does the individual's manager think they could improve in an area but their peers think you already do well at it? Why might that be the case, and what can be done about it?

  4. Help the individual to find ways to leverage their existing strengths when developing areas of improvement. For example: if direct reports think they're not great at clarifying vision or direction, but they do feel the individual communicates well, can they leverage their communication skills to better clarify direction?

2) On the second tab (Reflect on results)

Go through the recommended process for the individual to indicate what they're proud of, and what they'd like to improve. Look for ways that you (or others can support the individual by being an "accountabilibuddy". (Research says asking someone to keep you accountable to commitments makes you 80% more likely to follow through!)

3) On the third tab (Commit to Habits)

Set up a personal Habit (on the Commit to Habit page) using the My Habit tool, and support the individual with the wording (think S.M.A.R.T goals). We also have tips on how to make a great habit if needed.

After the session

Create a system/process to maintain accountability, and check in on progress. Use these checkins to re-assess how things are going with the goals, and if other actions need to be taken.

Finally, reach out to us if you have any questions! We're passionate about team and personal growth, and love supporting like-minded folks.

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