Valence: va·lence /ˈvāləns/ Definition: The combining power of elements to form more complex compounds.

If you're like me, Valence might simply conjure up faint memories of high school chemistry. The actual definition is the "combining power of elements to form more complex compounds".

This is what we at Valence want to do - to help people, anywhere, learn how to build stronger bonds with a wider range of colleagues, such that the teams that they are part of are more than the sum of the parts. And ultimately, we want to help build inclusive, productive workplaces where anyone can learn, contribute and grow.

  • When is the change occurring?

In the first week of October we'll move all our branding, naming and other parts of the app. In mid October we'll update the URLs on the application (from to

  • Are the tools and solutions the same?

Yes. We haven't changed the tools, they'll still help you and your teams find ways to work better.

  • Can I still access them the same way?

Yes. Until mid October you'll go to the same URL to log in. In mid-October we'll switch over to a new URL, but your same username and password will work fine.

If your company has SSO enabled we're working with your IT team behind the scenes to ensure you can have the same SSO experience even with the new URL.

While you can go to the old URLs you have bookmarked or cached in your browser the new URL to access the app will be

  • Can I still email my Shift contacts in the same way?

Yes. We've changed our email addresses to end in but we've kept email forwarding from our old addresses. So send those emails our way!

  • Can I still get my old reports from the same links I've saved in my email?

Yes. The old links to your exercises, reports and teams will still work fine.

  • Who can I contact if I have questions about this name change?

You can email

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