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Learn about our new in-app navigation and how to find your team!

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Valence is updating how you navigate the platform on 24th May, 2023.

Learn how to navigate using this guide!


We've made some significant updates to our site navigation based on feedback from customers. All of the features you're used to are still present but the way to get to them is a little different - we've moved all of your favorite tools and pages to the blue navigation bar on the left side of the screen.

So if you're looking to pair your Perspective with another colleague you would simply click on "Perspective" and then click "Pair Perspective."

The entire left navigation is collapsible via the "hamburger menu" (the 3 horizontal lines in the top left corner) -- simply click to collapse the menu and click again to bring it back.

Navigating to different teams you are part of

Teams are an essential part of Valence and we wanted to make sure it was easy to locate the right team when you're using Align, Perspective, Habits, or Connect.

The Team Selector dropdown menu

On pages where the team is relevant to the tool (Align, Perspective, Habits, or Connect) we've placed a team selector at the top of the screen.

Simply select the team you want to view and the appropriate data will populate. If you have access to many teams, you can type the team name in the bar to bring up a specific team. For example, if you wanted to Pair with your teammates -- you would navigate to Team Perspective, and then find your team in the top bar, and then they'll appear on the page.

All Teams

If you need to see all the teams you have access to, you can simply navigate to a page with the team selector (Home is always a good choice) and then select "All Teams" from the dropdown. This will take you to the All Teams page.


We'll be making additional updates to the home page, and refreshing the look and feel of most of Valence over the coming weeks. If you have questions or feedback feel free to drop a note to our team at, or our Product Manager John Zoshak at he's always happy to take a call.

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