Follow up to Align Team Foundations

Keep the momentum after Align by continuing to invest in building a great team

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You did an Align Team Foundations discussion and have started down the pathway of continuous improvement on your team. You're now wondering what to do next.

​First step? Plan your next Align as a team.

Valence highly recommends running an Align for your team every quarter, or at least every six months. It gives everyone on the team great visibility into the strengths and opportunities you have at that moment in time.

It's always helpful to redo the same Align exercise after 3-6 months to see how you have improved and what new priorities may be after you improve on the old ones. We recommend putting a reminder in your calendar now to come back and review the results and redo the exercise - so go 3 or 6 months from the date of your last conversation and add that reminder!

The important next step after your Align discussion - Habits

The one thing you should ensure you do - Set up Team Habits based on the actions of your team discussion. The key is to take 3-5 ideas from your discussion and ensure you are follow through. Team Habit will send you reminders and help hold yourselves accountable. Here are tips on making those Habits.

Other options using Valence tools:

  1. Do Team Perspective to get to build trust, learn how to work best together and identify any blind spots on the team. It's a fun and easy exercise that'll show you where your teammates have a similar working styles and where the team has blind spots.

  2. Run a Team Connect: Your team can have a short engagement activity using the Connect tool. Learn more about each other outside of work - Build the bonds on your team!

  3. Do Align with another team. If you're on more than one team, you can simply repeat the exercise. Your department will develop shared language and norms and begin reinforcing the key behaviors.

This guy wants you to keep up the good work and never stop improving!

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