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Setting up Team Perspective

How to get all your team members to complete Perspective and engage with the results

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Sounds like you want to get to know your teammates better. Maybe build some trust and understand how to best work with one another. Good times ahead!

First ensure you have a team set up, click this link for guidance on how to do that.

Setting up Perspective for the team takes about 3 minutes.

Watch a video here (or click this link to view it in your browser!)

How to set invite your team for Perspective

  1. Click the "Perspective" button on the left nav, and select "Team Report" from the sub-menu.

  2. "Add and Invite" to add folks to your team and invite them to take Perspective.

  3. The invite modal only needs the full name and the email address of your team member to invite them via email, or you can copy an exercise invite link on the left and send it to your team

  4. As folks are completing their assessments, you can send reminders or invite more team members.

  5. As the results roll in, you can check out your team's Perspective Report by going to the 'Team Report' page under the Perspective menu and clicking on 'View Team report'

  6. Explore the report (there is a ton of information in there about yourself and your teammates!), then host a great conversation to review the results together. Check out this article for more info on running the conversation.

That's it! We've found that teams love this stuff and gets teammates out of the day to day and into building stronger relationships. Check out the Perspective demo to try it out!

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