As we begin to settle into hybrid, remote, or in office work, we recognize keeping in touch with colleagues and getting to know new ones is profoundly different and can be a difficult thing to navigate.

We built a lightweight tool which leaders can use to build rapport and trust within the team.

Valence's Get to Know Me tool

With Get to Know Me, Valence built an experience that allows your team to converse on topics usually reserved for outside the office in a fun, lightweight and intuitive tool.

How to access the tool

  • On the page, scroll down to see the Get to Know me tool and launch it

NOTE: If you do not see the page above: On the right side of the screen, Click on the 'Launch' button on the GTKM card you see below

How to run a team session using the GTKM tool

The ideal goal of your team session is to talk to your team about non-work related topics, and get to know each other better outside of work.

Using the GTKM tool, follow the process below to facilitate a team conversation:

  • Start a video chat with your team, or if in-person, ask everyone to be in a room together with their laptops

  • Click here to access the tool - On the first screen, once you read the instructions, click on 'Get Started and Invite team'

  • Invite everyone: On the next screen, share the exercise link with your team

  • Once you share the link, click on 'Answer Questions' to get started yourself

  • Complete your answers: The leader and the team should then complete their responses to the questions. Each team member answers 5 questions with single line responses. This takes 3-5 minutes

    Instructions to complete your responses(for every team member):

  • Click on 'Start answering' on the welcome screen

  • Answer at least three of the five questions, click on Submit when you are done.

  • Once everyone is done answering, click on 'We're ready' to get started

  • Cycle through anonymous profiles with the answers each team member has provided, and try to guess which team member it is. Click on 'Next profile' to see more profiles.

Note: You need to read all answers on a profile to move on

  • As everyone guesses, try to spark conversations around the context of the answers and encourage team members to share. This is to get to know each other better!

  • Then reveal who’s who to discover surprising connections and uncover new things about your colleagues

How can Get to Know Me benefit me as a leader?

  • The GTKM tool is designed to help you kick off team conversations with a lighter conversation

  • It can also be used as a general pick-me-up when morale is lower on some days

  • It can be used as a method to learn about your new or existing team members and spark conversations amongst the team

Enjoy learning about your team! If you have questions, please reach out to the Valence team at or by clicking the blue chat button on the right corner of your screen

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