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​Not sure what exactly the tools do? Get a feel for our Align or Perspective tools by exploring our demo version

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This article with provide the demo versions of all our tools.

If you have any questions about how to sign up, please reach out to our team!

Align demo

Click here to walk through the Align demo to see how it works and walk through the user experience of a teammate who participates.

Perspective Demo

Click here for a Perspective demo that shows you the insights that come out of a whole team doing the exercise or just comparing Perspectives across individuals.  

Habit Demo

Click here to visit the Habit demo that shows you the stages of building a Habit and a sample report

Reflect360 Demo

Click here to demo the Reflect360, our growth oriented 360 feedback tool to understand how you can get quick feedback from your stakeholders and convert that into a set of robust growth oriented goals for yourself or a team member you support.

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