What is Valence?

I'm new to Valence's tools and don't know much about them... tell me more!

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New to Valence? This article will help give an overview of Valence's suite of tools, and how they can help. This is is not an instructional how-to guide for how to set up an activity, but if that's what you're looking for we do have those for each of our tools as well: click the following for the set-up instructions for Align, Perspective, Team Habits, Personal Habits, and Reflect 360.

This article will cover 4 areas:

  1. What Valence is

  2. What Valence's tools can be used for

  3. Overview of the 5 tools

  4. Valence's ongoing team effectiveness playbook

What is Valence?

Valence is a powerful set of digital tools that lets leaders build stronger and better teams.

It works - Valence is backed by the latest research on human dynamics and team performance. 

It’s easy - It will take you three minutes to get going, and insights will begin rolling in right away.

It’s popular - Your team members will love how quickly the activities take to complete, and the insights that are generated.

It’s powerful - The custom reports generated highlight areas to diagnose, suggest improvement ideas, include tips for how to use the insights when running a team discussion, and make it easy to take actionable next steps.

What should I use the tools for?

Any time a group of people are working together to achieve a common goal, our tools can be used to make that team become more effective. Over 2500 teams use our tools, for all kinds of needs.

Fortune 500 companies partner with us to run their culture transformations, executive coaches use us for facilitating C-Suite team offsites, and charities and non-profits use us to diagnose their team dynamics. If you have a specific need, feel free to reach out to us; we love figuring out how we can improve team dynamics for all kinds of use cases!

The Tools

Pro-tip: If you'd rather try a demo than read a guide check out a demo of Align (our team diagnostic tool) as well as what a sample report page looks like. And then when you're ready to set up, we’ll walk you through every step. 

Valence has 5 main tools:


Diagnose what's holding your team back and come up with solutions to improve, by quickly figuring out what behaviors are important to your team members, and whether or not your team is doing those behaviors well. Create a team on Valence and try Align for yourself!


Get to know your teammates, learn about your personal preferences and find out where your team is similar or has blind spots. Complete your own Perspective yourself here.


Conduct a rapid, and repeating, survey of your team or yourself to ensure you stay on track to live whatever you've committed to.

Reflect 360

Compare your answers to your teammates, managers, and direct reports, and discover if you have any blindspots in your leadership capabilities.


Motivate and build trust with your team through a fun "get-to-know-me" activity.

Ongoing Team Effectiveness Playbook

The most effective teams make sure they check in over time to track progress; we have customizable programs to support these initiatives, to make sure your team engages in continuous improvement.

Any Other Questions?

Please reach out to us through the messenger on the bottom right or at coaching@valence.co if you have a question that wasn't answered here. We want to make sure that when it comes to having a plan for improving your team, your confidence level is high 😸

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