You've discovered Valence and you don't manage your own team. We have a handful of solutions for needs we've heard from those looking to improve their personal effectiveness.
In every personal tool we're trying make it simple and quick to improve yourself. We'll highlight 3 key tools.

  1. My Perspective: A personality tool to improve self awareness (easiest way to start)

  2. Reflect 360: A lightweight way to get feedback from colleagues (most impact of the tools, if you're willing to ask for feedback)

  3. My Habit: A simple way to set goals and track them (powerful if you're committed to improving)

1. My Perspective: Learn about yourself and see how you're similar to or different from colleagues

Perspective is an insightful personality assessment that lets you know how you see the world across 4 main spectrums broken down into 20 lenses.
It's great for anyone curious to learn more about your natural tendencies, improving self awareness or just having a bit of fun with an activity. 

Once you complete your Perspective you'll be able to compare with your colleagues using Pair Perspective. You'll learn how to work better with them and turn differences from pain points into assets.

2. Reflect 360: Get feedback from colleagues in a couple minutes of effort

Want to know where you need to improve and are doing well... but don't want your colleagues to do a long or painful feedback survey? The Reflect 360 tool is a very simple way to get colleagues to give you feedback in 3 minutes on what are the most important areas for you to improve upon.

It's easy, fast, and anonymous, and you can really quickly determine what areas your colleagues and supervisors think you can focus on to improve.

Explore Reflect 360 here.

3. My Habit: Set goals and track yourself to achieve them

We often set goals but often fail to follow through.

With My Habit you can set a goal, receive regular reminders and track yourself. To go the extra mile you can also ask others for feedback on whether you're following through on your goals.
It's a great way to hold yourself accountable to doing something you know is a good idea.

It's not so bad to be all alone. We'll ensure you learn so much all your colleagues will want to know your secrets to success.

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