Perspective Archetypes - Definitions

If you are curious about the various archetypes that exist in our Perspective tool, read on!

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Maybe you just completed your own Perspective survey, or a team member invited you to pair with their report and asked you about your archetype. It could also be sheer curiosity that brings you here - but we have the answers for you.

There are 16 Archetypes - click here to access more details about each archetype including % of global population, strengths and weaknesses.

After you complete your Perspective, you can see your archetype on your Personal report, and you can see your team members archetype when you access the Pair Perspective.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Archetypes are not an exact definition, since personalities are a spectrum. There may be some parts which do not apply to you or others.

Remember, all archetypes exist around you. The aim is to learn more about them and be a supportive teammate! Happy teaming!

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