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The most common questions asked about out Perspective tool

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What is Perspective?

Valence’s Perspective is a dynamic work-style preferences profile.

Team members take a short test to develop their initial profile, refine it by identifying which parts resonate, and selectively share with others.

The Perspective tool has several layers to it:

  • Your own Perspective report

  • The 'Pair Perspective' report, which enables you to pair your profile with your colleagues

  • The 'Team Perspective' report, which is designed to help the entire team understand how their preferences compare, and what are the teams collective strengths and blindspots.

For a more detailed explanation about the tool, visit this article.

Why should a team use the Perspective tool?

Perspective is about creating a conversation.

It gives team members a framework to talk about work styles, allowing them to discuss differences more objectively, and to attempt to see the world through a colleague’s eyes.

It’s powered by Valence’s advice engine:

  • Managers can get personalized 1:1 advice

  • Teams can get advice on meeting efficiency, onboarding processes, and more.

What is Perspective not?

Perspective is not a static personality profile that typecasts people.

Perspective is about offering people a useful framework to discuss similarities and differences. People's answers on tests and their working styles can change over time. Perspective is meant to dynamically capture those changes and allow individuals to control their profile and make it most helpful to them and their teammates.

Can I get help through the process?

Yes! We have a Coaching team which consists of product and facilitation experts. We can hop on a call with you and help you plan your session, as well as give insights on the team report. Once you have your report ready, book a time with us here!

How long does it take to set up Perspective?

There is no set up required - just invite your team. It will take each team members 10 minutes to complete the survey, asynchronously.

What happens after people complete the assessment?

After team members complete the assessment, they will immediately have the opportunity to view and refine their own Perspective report.

They will also have the ability to access the 'Pair Perspective' view with any of their colleagues who have completed the assessment as well.

How much time does the team conversation take?

We recommend setting aside 90-120 minutes for this conversation. If you have a group of more than 12 people, we recommend 120 minutes as a minimum so all team members get a chance to engage in conversation.

Can I compare the profiles of my colleagues?

Comparing profiles of two colleagues (or direct reports) is not possible on the application. However, our advice is to encourage your team members to share the information with you instead!

How many team members are needed to use the Perspective tool?

The short answer: Teams of any size can use Perspective. Read below to learn more -

We recommend using the Perspective tool in the following ways:

  • If you're a team of one(or an individual contributor), use the Personal Report to improve your self awareness and get insight into your working style

  • If you're a team of two, use Pair Perspective to learn how to work together more effectively

  • If you're a team of three or more, use the Team Perspective report to build you ability to collaborate as a team, or use Pair Perspective to build and strengthen your 1:1 relationships

  • If you're a leader, you can also leverage the Perspective Manager 1:1 guide to have better 1:1 meetings with your team members

Can I print or download my Perspective report?

Yes! Just use the print feature at the top right corner of your report. You can print or download a PDF your Personal report as well as your Team's Perspective report.

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