For Managers: Using the Perspective 1:1 Manager Guide

Gain coaching insights and specific tips for your 1:1s with our new addition to the Perspective Tool

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If you are a team manager hoping to understand what our 1:1 Manager Guide is and how you can navigate it, you're in the right place.

For more general info on Perspective, check out our article on Getting the most out of Perspective.

What is the 1:1 Manager Guide?

As a leader of a team, you are constantly interacting with unique personalities. You may regularly ask yourself questions such as 'how do I give them feedback?' or 'how do I collaborate better with them on projects'.

The 1:1 Manager Guide answers these questions for you. It uses your team members' Perspective profiles, compares them to yours, and helps you understand how to give better feedback and problem solve collaboratively.

The 1:1 Manager Guide is broken into four sections:

  1. How to give feedback: Learn how to give positive and constructive feedback to your team members. This can add lots of values to your 1:1s!

  2. Structuring Work: How to approach structuring a new project or assignment for your team member.

  3. Problem Solving: How to collaborate well together while having brainstorming or problem solving sessions.

  4. Final Tips: An overview of a few things to keep in mind while collaborating with your team member based on their individual work style preferences.

How to Navigate the Perspective 1:1 Manager Guide

  1. Log in to the Valence app

  2. Click on Perspective on the left side navigation panel and select Coach 1:1 guide

  3. Click on a team members name to access the report

Personalities are a spectrum and make us unique! Accepting and accommodating all personalities makes a team inclusive, and leveraging our differences makes us stronger as a team.

Please reach out to our team by using the little chat box on the right corner of your screen if you have any questions!

Happy teaming!

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