Your team has agreed on some set of commitments for how they want to behave differently going forward. There's a lot of excitement and you all hope these actions are the solution you've been waiting for. But there's a big risk that the momentum slows and the team doesn't push through to embed these new norms.

The Team Habit takes commitments and sends a regular survey out to all team members that serves as both a reminder and an opportunity for feedback. The purpose is to help the team actually follow through on the commitments they've made.

Pro tips to create Habits

  • Make your Habit statements as objective and observable as possible. For example "We send meeting agendas ahead of time" as opposed to the less specific "Share meeting agendas".

  • Set no more than 3 - 5 Habits at any given time. If you succeed at fully adopting one swap in a new one.

Here's some more best practices on creating Habits, if you'd like to learn more!

Setting up a Team Habit is quick and easy

There are two ways to do it:

1) Right after completing your team discussion (Align)

2) From your team's dashboard page (usually the approach after Team Perspective)

Method 1: After your team's discussion in the Discussion Space is complete

  1. If you're in your team's Discussion Space, click on the "Finish Discussion" tab

  2. On the subsequent screen, click on 'Create Habits from Discussion Action Items'

  3. Add in your team Habits. The action items from your discussion will be automatically imported to the Habit tool.
    Once you're done entering your Habits, click on 'Add Colleagues'

  4. Confirm that the names of all the colleagues you wish to check in on the Habit are selected. If not, use the 'Edit Peer's option to edit the list. To go to the next step, click on 'Configure Cadence'

  5. Select the cadence you want the survey to be sent out in. Once set in, click on 'Review Habits'

  6. Finally, review your Habit set up, and click on the 'Launch Habits' button to set it live

Method 2: Creating Team Habits from your team's dashboard

Go to your team's dashboard page and, then "Team Habits" at the top. Click on "Create Habits"

Follow steps 3 - 6 above to set up and launch your Habit!

What the Habit pulse looks like

At the cadence of your choosing, the team will check in on the Habit. They will receive a set of questions in their email like the one's below to check in on the Habit.

How to access the Habit report

As the weeks roll by and you collect your team responses, click on the 'View Results' button on your team Habit to view the report. Click here to learn more about editing a Team Habit

Do a celebration dance of your team's great performance.

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