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Changing who appears in a Team Perspective Report

How to filter results on a Team Perspective report

Updated over a week ago

If you find yourself here because you want to remove the Perspective profiles of certain members on a team(including your own, if you are only facilitating a session for a team you are not part of), you're in the right place.

For any team member

1) While on your team's Perspective report, click on the 'Filter Results'

2) Choose which team member's profiles should be reflected in the report

Click on 'Filter Selected Members'.

*note* - if you are not an administrator of the team, changes you make will only reflect on your page.

For Team Administrators

Follow the steps outlined above to get to the Filter screen. Then, click on the 'Save as Default View' on the next prompt:

This will change the default view for everyone else accessing the report. If you'd prefer to explore around without changing the default view, select the 'Skip and view report' option.

We hope you enjoy exploring your Team Perspective report!

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