If you're eager to learn about what your team will experience while running a Perspective, this is a great place to start!

Sending Out The Invitations

The first step in completing a Perspective is inviting the members on your team. To do so, click on your team's page then, under the tab 'Team Perspective' tab, click 'Invite Participants'.

Receiving The Email

After inviting your team, each member will receive an email asking them to complete a Perspective assessment.

Completing the Perspective

After your team clicks the invitation they will be prompted to fill out a 9 minute questionnaire in the app.

Reviewing The Personal Report

Upon completion, each member can view their personal report and learn a bit about their personality archetypes

Comparing Reports

Once the participant has reviewed their personal report, they can also review their team's aggregate perspective report and compare their results to other members on their team (including you!).

Schedule a Meeting and Debrief

After all the invited participants have completed their Perspectives, invite your team to a 60 to 90 minute Team Perspective debrief conversation.

During the meeting, you (or an HR member) can facilitate a team conversation following the questions listed in the Team Perspective report.

High-Fives All Around

It's official, you and your team have completed a Team Perspective. High-Fives for everyone!

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