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Managing your Team - Roster, Team name and deleting a team
Managing your Team - Roster, Team name and deleting a team

How to add or remove teammates on a team that you've created

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*Note - This article only applies if you are an administrator on the team. If you're not an admin, please reach out to the team's admin and either share this FAQ with them, or ask them to add you as a co-admin.

This article assumes that you already have a team that you want to add or remove teammates from, or change a team name. If you haven't yet created a team and need help with creating one, visit this article.

Teammates are also added to a team when you invite them to complete an Align or Perspective exercise. As soon as they complete they'll be automatically added to the team.

Please note: If you need to delete an administrator from a team, you need to reach out to the Valence team using the chat button in the bottom right corner of your screen.

However, if your team already exists and you want to add or remove members:

  1. Select the appropriate team in the "select a team" dropdown on the top right

  2. Click "Manage team" on the top right corner of your screen

You will see a pop up where you can add teammates by inputting their name and email on the top. You can remove someone from the team by clicking on the button with three dots beside their name. You can also assign a second manager for the team besides yourself.

You can edit the team name with the 'About' Tab. You can also Delete your team by clicking on the option on the bottom right corner.

Note: There is also an option to add all your team members at once using a CSV file. To learn how to do that, visit this article.

Please reach out to our team at if you have any questions!


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