If you are reading this article, your have probably completed your Perspective profile. If not, head over to this page and get started!

The goal of the Perspective tool is to help you and your colleagues better understand how to collaborate with each other. A powerful way to have that conversation is with our Pair Perspective view.

Who can pair with my report?

Colleagues in your teams as well as other members in the organization can pair with your Perspective to understand your preferences and compare it to theirs.

However, you have control over the scope of the audience who pairs with you. There are two audiences to choose from:

  • Your organization: With this view, anybody with a Perspective profile who has chosen to share it with the entire organization can pair with your profile.

    Please note, you need to have the same 'Org-wide view' enabled for them to access your profile.

  • Your teams: With this view, anyone who is on a team with you would be able to pair with your Perspective profile.

How do I change who can pair with me?

As soon as you are done reading your Perspective report, there will be a pop-up where you can decide the default audience which can pair with you:

However, if you change your mind, switching the audience is simple:

  1. Head over to the Pair Perspective page in the app

  2. Click on the text that says 'Switch to Team only pairing' (or vice-versa)

    Please note, the default view setting is set up based on the request of the administrators within your organization. Please reach out to us at hi@valence.co if you have any questions!

How do I decide the setting I should keep?

Our general guidance is to set it up for organization wide pairing. This empowers you and your colleagues to understand you better and for everyone to be positioned to collaborate effectively.

However, if you wish to only share your preferences with your immediate teams, set it up to team only pairing and change it in the future if you would like to pair with someone who is not on a team with you.

If you have questions, you can reach our team by clicking on the chat button you see in the bottom right of your screen, or by emailing us at hi@valence.co

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