If you are looking to create a new team, visit this article.

This article will help you understand how to upload the names and emails for all your team members at once using a CSV file.

Note: You can add up to 50 members at once

Where can you upload a CSV?

There are two moments at which you can add a CSV file as you create a team

While creating a new team

As you are creating your team for the first time, you will see the option to add all your member's details while creating the team

Clicking on the option gives you the following view, with the option to upload a CSV

After creating a new team

You can also upload your team members on team page.

Click on 'Manage Team' on the top right corner of your screen

Click on the option to add your team using the CSV file

How to upload a CSV file

A CSV file upload requires two columns - Team members full names and emails. Once you have your file ready, click on 'Import CSV file'

  1. Choosing configuration: On the subsequent screen, choose how your file is configured. You can choose whether your file has headers or not

  2. Column Mapping: Once selected, the next screen will prompt you to match the columns with the relevant data field

  3. Reviewing the data: Once you have mapped the columns, click 'Import'. The next screen will let you edit the fields which have an error in them, if any. Once you're done editing, or if there are no errors, you will see a complete list of all your team members.

    When satisfied with the list, click on 'Add to the team'

  4. Confirmation of upload: Once your team members have been added, you will see the message below

Possible errors

You may see an error if

  • Your file is not configured properly while uploading (is not in CSV format)

  • Your internet connection is poor

  • You have more than 40 team members in the file

  • Your columns have been formatted incorrectly

If you have trouble with the upload, please reach out to us via the chat button in the right corner, or email us at hi@valence.co

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