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How to use the Connect tool for team engagement
How to use the Connect tool for team engagement

Learn how to run a simple and flexible team engagement session using the Connect tool

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How to run a team session using the Connect tool

The ideal goal is to talk to your team about non-work related topics, and get to know each other better outside of work.

Using the Connect tool, follow the process below to facilitate a team conversation:

  • Click here to access the tool

  • Invite your team to complete their Connect Profiles by sharing the exercise link: Each team member answers 3 questions about themselves. This takes 3-5 minutes

  • Make sure to complete your own Connect Profile!

  • Pick a 15 to 30 minute time frame that works for everyone on your team to gather together

  • Launch the Connect profile guessing game. Have fun!

    Instructions to complete your responses (for every team member):

  • Click on 'Start answering'

  • Answer three questions, click on Submit when you are done.

  • Once everyone is done filling out their Connect profile, you are ready to launch the guessing game. Click on 'Start Guessing'

  • Cycle through anonymous profiles with the answers each team member has provided, and try to guess which team member it is. Click on 'Next profile' to see more profiles.

Note: You need to read all answers on a profile to move on

  • As everyone guesses, try to spark conversations around the context of the answers and encourage team members to share. This is to get to know each other better!

  • Then reveal who’s who to discover surprising connections and uncover new things about your colleagues

How can Connect benefit me as a leader?

  • The Connect tool is designed to help you kick off team conversations with a lighter conversation

  • It can also be used as a general pick-me-up when morale is lower on some days

  • It can be used as a method to learn about your new or existing team members and spark conversations amongst the team

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