How to log in to Valence (FAQs included)

Easy access to Valence's suite of tools

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You can log into Valence by going to

Some common questions are highlighted below -

  1. I do not see my team members, am I in the wrong place?

    1. If you do not see your team, the email added into your team might be incorrect. Request your leader to check what your email is, and if there is a mistake, add your correct email address

  2. I am not signed in to the correct organization

    1. This usually happens when your organization does not have SSO. If your organization has SSO activated, please reach out to the team and we can help you troubleshoot your log in issues

  3. Do I need to log in to view my Align report?

    1. Yes, we recommend logging in since it personalizes your Align report and provides personal insights. You also need to log in for your Perspective report or your Reflect360 reports

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