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Valence's AI Coach, Nadia - Introduction and FAQs
Valence's AI Coach, Nadia - Introduction and FAQs

If you have questions about where to get started, or how to leverage Nadia, read this!

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What is Nadia?

Nadia is an AI Leadership Coach that provides always-on, personalized, and actionable guidance and support to any leader or team member. Available in 80+ languages, Nadia is used by leaders across the Fortune500 to help them do their jobs faster, easier, and better. Watch the video below, to see Nadia in action!

How do I log in?

You can log in here - Use your work email to set up your account or log in. If you have issues, please reach out to us at

Is there a cost associated to using the AI Coach?

Please speak to a member of your HR team to get clarity!

Are my conversations private?

Your conversations are private. Nobody from your organization (Your leader, HR partner, or system administrators) can access your conversations. We also do not use your conversations to train the underlying AI.

The platform has enterprise grade security. If you have any questions, you can refer to this document, or reach out to our team at

How should I leverage the AI Coach?

We have a list for inspiration here. However, the standard advice is to talk to Nadia just like a human, in the language of your preference about your common challenges at work you'd like a hand with!

However, Nadia can help with virtually any issue at work, including

  • role playing a difficult conversation

  • helping prepare for an important meeting/presentation

  • navigating workplace conflict

What if the AI Coach gives guidance on a sensitive topic?

The AI Coach is trained to not address sensitive topics around Employee Relations, DEI issues, harassment, etc. Instead it will direct employees to speak with HR on these topics.

Can this be as good as human coaches?

The intention is not to 100% replicate what a human coach can do – the AI does many things a traditional coach can do, and many things that traditional coaching cannot.

It provides affordable, effective leadership support to all managers, many of whom do not have access to a coach.

It provides instant on-demand coaching in your choice of language so leaders can receive support whenever they need it for tactical and strategic matters.

What if the AI Coach doesn’t use the right framework?

The AI Coach examines a large number of frameworks to evaluate the most appropriate choice in any situation and Valence has trained the coach on the most effective models.

The Coach can be trained on org-specific models, and then consistently apply them to the whole enterprise.

Can Nadia be Customized?

Yes! We’ve worked with several of our existing clients to train Nadia on bespoke frameworks, organization values, etc. Please reach out to us ( if you want to talk more about customizations.

Will Nadia remember past conversations?

Yes - Nadia will remember past conversations. If you wish to read an old conversation, or resume it, you can do so under the 'Past Conversations' tab at the top of your page, or by clicking here.

My organization has a custom version of Nadia - where do I find that?

You can find customized versions of Nadia on the 'Home' page. On that page, you will see suggestions for customized versions of Nadia.

Can Nadia talk in my language?

Yes! Nadia can speak over 80 languages. Just request her to talk in your language, or just speak your language and she will pick it up.

If Nadia does not respond in the correct language, just ask her to switch. If it does not work, please reach out to our team! (

Is there a mobile app to speak with Nadia?

Currently, we do not have a mobile app - But you can access your account using a browser on your mobile device. (Chrome, Safari, Firefox work best)

Can I talk to Nadia?

Yes, you can use the option to either type or use speech to talk to Nadia. Additionally, you can also activate the option for Nadia to talk back. These controls are located at the bottom of the chat.

We recommend using speech to talk. The more context you give Nadia, the better it's answers.

Here is what the controls look like when you choose to talk:

Here is what the controls look like when you choose to type:

What info does Nadia have about me and how is that information used?

Nadia will have your name and email address upon registration, which is used to create your account. Nadia will also remember details which you choose to share with her during your conversations - these details are completely private and confidential. Valence will never share your conversations with anyone at your organization, or any other organization. Read more about our stance on privacy by clicking here!

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