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Following up to team Perspective sessions using Habit

It is very important to set up Habits after to ensure the momentum is not lost. Learn how to get the most out of your session with Habit!

Updated over a week ago

The Habit tool is designed to help you continue the momentum from your conversation. Designed to sustain momentum post-conversation, the Habit tool is crucial as a next step after your team discussions. Teams skipping this tool often see diminished value, lacking follow-up and accountability for actions decided during their Align or Perspective conversations.

After an Align or Perspective conversation, teams often identify numerous actions. We advise focusing on the top three to five actions for the next quarter or six months. Enter these into the Habit tool to monitor team progress on the decided actions.

You can set your Team Habit by navigating to Habit --> Team Habit on the left side navigation menu. You can refer to this article to learn more about setting up a team Habit.

As always, reach out to your Valence Coaching team at if you have any questions!

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