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Getting started with your Reflect360

Important note: If you are an HR Partner looking to support an individual you work with, please ask them to follow the steps below and launch the Reflect360. Due to the nature of the exercise, Valence does not allow HR Partners to launch Reflect360 exercises for individuals. Please reach out to the team if you would like more help!

Gathering feedback is only 5 easy steps away!

  1. To get started click on "Reflect360" in your app navigation bar on the left hand side

  2. Click on the big blue "Start Reflect360" button.

3. Select the template you want to use (you can preview the statements of each template beforehand), and then click "Start Self Assessment"

Important note: You may have custom templates if your organization has created them. Please reach out to us at if you have trouble accessing the correct template!

4. Complete the self-assessment. If you're pressed for time, you can move directly on to the next step (inviting others), but make sure you come back to complete the self-assessment later.

5. Next, invite participants. The best way to invite participanrs is by adding each member's name and email address. This will send them an email invitation to complete this exercise, send them reminders if they don't complete, and allows you to review who has not yet completed the assessment.

The minimum number of invitees you need for a Reflect360 is three!

Alternatively you can copy the exercise's URL and paste it in an email to your team manually. This means that they don't get reminder emails prompting them to complete the exercise if they haven't done it, and it's more difficult for you to keep track of who has not responded.

However, this can be a good approach if you find that your organization's email is block emails from third parties.

To view your 360 report and next steps

Tracking responses

To see who has responded, click "Reflect360" in the left navigation at any time.

Click "manage" to see who has completed the exercise and (if you invited via email rather than copying the link) who hasn't. You can also invite more people here and send reminders to those you've already invited who haven't yet responded.

Viewing your report

When you have all the responses you're looking for, click "close and generate report" (note: you need a minimum of three responses to close).

Next steps

  • As you're looking at the results, we encourage you to set up a coaching call with a Valence coach reach out to us for our insights to get an idea of what we notice and our recommended next steps.

  • Set up time with your leader, HR partner or a trusted peer to reflect on your report and think about growth oriented goals to set for yourself using our Habit tool


    And if you're stuck on something while setting up, reach out to us through the little blue chat button in the bottom right corner! We'd love to hear from you.

Getting in-depth feedback including reasons why people are responding the way they are is crucial for development. Draw inspiration from these guys:

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